Finding Grace: Life After a TBI

This is quite a story. VT does work. It is not about eyeballs. It is about the brain. The eyeballs are an entry point.

VT Works

As we wrap up our week-long effort to bring #concussion #braininjury and #visiontherapy to the forefront, I’d like to leave you with one of the greatest stories of post TBI success that I have ever witnessed.  The story of my friend, co-worker, and patient, Abby Asaad is nothing short of inspiring.  Now over two years old, the original post continues to rank as the highest viewed post to date on this blog, with many new views every week. Three and a half years since her injury, Abby has since been married, received her certification (COVT), and it seems quite fitting that she is spending this week in Hawaii celebrating her first year of marriage. Proof positive that there is life after a TBI!

Abby Profile

In September 2014, Abby was interviewed here.

Originally  posted February 20, 2013

Every office has stories of Vision Therapy success, and surely, we’ve all felt the pleasure of…

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